The Riverside County Board of Supervisors dissolved another local County Service Area (CSA) advisory committee last week, CSA 36 for the Idyllwild area. The board of supervisors dissolved the CSA 38 (Pine Cove) advisory committee earlier this year.
Supervisor Chuck Washington’s recommended motion to dissolve the committee reads: “The Advisory Committee for CSA 36 Idyllwild was established on June 14, 1977, by Resolution 77-189, for the purpose of advising the Board of Supervisors on policy matters relating to the general development of the facilities, programs and services of CSA 36 as authorized under Government Code Section 25212.4.”
The recommended motion continues, “Since the Idyllwild advisory committee was established in 1977, there have been significant changes in the delivery of services within CSA No.36, most notably the inclusion of public meetings hosted by the recreational provider under contract with the county of Riverside. It is now desired by the Third Supervisorial District to dissolve the Advisory committee for CSA 36 Idyllwild.”