Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats met two new ARF furry friends.
Whiskers: As has been the pattern lately, easy come, easy go.
Pepper: Are you saying that Kimmi the dog and Yami the kitten have been adopted?
Whiskers: That is exactly what I’m saying. And Kimmi had greater than 20 interested families!
Pepper: Holy catnip! Where is she now?
Whiskers: She is with a wonderful couple in Indio. And Yami is in the perfect forever home.
Pepper: Wonderful things are happening here at ARF.
Whiskers: So now what?
Pepper: I guess we wait for the next newbies. Meanwhile, we will watch the ARF humans stay busy with clinics and lost/found dogs and cats.
Lulu: This snow has had all of us scrambling to stay warm. Fortunately, ARF keeps the heat on to make certain we are comfortable and safe.
Whiskers: Yes, we are lucky! I hope all pet guardians remember that if it is too cold for them to be outside, then it is probably too cold for their beloved pets to be there, too.
Pepper: But some dogs love being in the snow.
Whiskers: This is true, but those dogs still need special attention after a romp in the cold, white stuff. Did you know that repeatedly coming out of the cold into the dry heat of the house can cause itchy, flaking skin on a dog? Pet guardians probably should keep their homes humidified and towel dry their pets as soon as they come inside, paying special attention to the feet and in-between the toes. They should also remove any snowballs from between foot pads.
Lulu: That seems to make sense.
Whiskers: And I imagine pet guardians realize their companion animals need warm places to sleep, off the floor and away from all drafts. Cozy dog or cat beds with a warm blanket or pillow are perfect.
Lulu: Easy peasy!!
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