Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats learned about Shorty’s adoption.
Pepper: I keep hearing laughter and squealing. What is it?
Whiskers: I hear it, too.
Ellie: Relax! It’s just some humans visiting the three kittens. They are so entertaining.
Miss Kitty: They make everyone laugh.
Ellie: Have they been spoken for? I mean, do they have forever homes lined up for when they are old enough to leave us?
Stevie: Not yet, but I hope so very soon.
Ellie: They will be old enough to go to their homes in about a month.
Miss Kitty: How does a human guarantee she will be able to adopt one?
Pepper: I can answer that. Humans make an appointment to meet the kittens, and if they want to adopt one, or more, they complete an application and leave a deposit.
Stevie: That’s all?
Miss Kitty: Well, they will have to wait until they are old enough to leave.
Pepper: And what does ARF’s adoption fee cover?
Whiskers: It covers a lot! The fee will take care of all necessary vaccinations and the spay or neuter.
Pepper: The new kitty parents need only to follow-up on scheduled appointments.
Ellie: And give the new family member lots and lots of love.
Miss Kitty: I bet a kitten or one of us beautiful adult cats would go a long way in offering comfort and affection.
Whiskers: And with the challenging time everyone has been facing for over a year, this comfort and love will make the human feel so good.
Ellie: Not to mention the good feeling a person gets by rescuing a cat or kitten that really needs a forever home.
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