Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats discussed the kittens.
Lulu: Adoptions! Adoptions!
Stevie: Who? Who found a forever home?
Lulu: Cinnamon and Apricot have found forever happiness.
Rosemary: That is wonderful. I hope it happens soon for me, and the rest of us, of course.
Pepper: I thought we also had two new dogs here.
Rosemary: We did, but before they could make it into the Town Crier, they were adopted!
Fern: I’ve heard that animals, especially dogs, have been adopted very quickly.
Stevie: This is true. The best way for people to find out about new cats and dogs here is to check out Facebook.
Pepper: Now, we need to get these kittens adopted, right?
Tonka: Right!
Clover: We are so darned cute that it is difficult to figure out why we are still here.
Saffron: No kidding! We will bring happiness and love into any home.
Fern: As will the rest of us.
Whiskers: Fern, I see that you are now the office cat.
Fern: That I am, and I am also the official welcoming cat.
Stevie: You are so very friendly that I’m not surprised you were given that job.
Rosemary: I could also handle that job. I’m very friendly as well.
Stevie: You know, so am I.
Lulu: So Fern, the weekly reports will now be up to you.
Fern: OK! And I truly hope lots of folks will come in to meet us. I am willing and ready to welcome them all!
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