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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Proposed Harmony dismemberment

It is with sadness and dismay that I read of the latest proposal or “threat” by the [Idyllwild] Chamber [of Commerce] to cut up and auction “Harmony” in pieces. Is this really true or a ploy to raise public ire to force David Roy and his “shadow” to reconsider their demands and come to the […]

Opinion: Rustic Theatre

Shane Stewart did not establish first run movies at the Rustic Theatre, as reported in the Town Crier’s story last week. It went from double features to first-run movies when Morrie and Sara Bronson owned the theater. Bonnie Wolf Idyllwild

Opinion: Volunteers help in many ways

Friday, Feb. 8, marked three years since Will Johnson, my husband and partner in life, and I were in a bad car accident at the beginning of our return to Idyllwild on Highway 74. Suffice it to say, Will was in Desert Regional Hospital for three weeks, and I for six weeks, recovering from injuries. […]

Opinion: A consequence of a gun culture?

We all came to her house. The sight of dried blood stains unavoidable on the street where she bled out and died. Where they all bled out and died. So many tears. We, her sisters and brother stayed in her now silent home. All around reminders of the vibrant life so recently lived. Her garden […]

Opinion: Are bobcats and foxes predators?

I can’t understand why the California Department of Fish and Wildlife wants to kill bobcats and foxes. They will be offering classes to do just that next month. As far as I know, neither bobcats nor foxes present a threat to humans and their numbers are actually declining, so why is the Department of Fish […]

Opinion: Precautions to avoid the flu

OK, I’m not a doctor, a nurse practitioner, a nurse, or a paramedic. In fact, I don’t even have a valid first aid card. But I do know we are about to be hit with an influenza epidemic. On top of that, there’s some sort of respiratory disease making the rounds in our little town […]

Opinion: Need more than one donor

Benevolence should only be given to the point a community can match and sustain its benefit. To do otherwise places unreasonable expectations on the outcomes and their users. I applaud the Butterfields for their contribution, yet I question their wisdom. I abhor the Idyllwild Community Center committee’s decision to make this the only contribution in […]

Opinion: A special place

Editor’s note: Peter Hermanson shared his daughter Clare’s essay about Idyllwild with the Town Crier. She is a 5th grade student in San Diego. My special place is Idyllwild. Idyllwild is a mountain about two hours away from San Diego. It is special to me because while I am there, I like walking in the […]

Opinion: Gun insanity

I never cease to be amazed by the gun lobby. They want restrictions on marijuana, prescription drugs, straight sex, gay sex, alcohol, pornography and speed limits but they don’t want to discourage the sale of any firearm to anyone. The National Rifle Association crowd leaves their old city slicker ZIP code behind due to the […]

Opinion: Local weather data

Since important weather and related articles use the moisture statistics from the reports of the Idyllwild Fire Department, it would seem that steps should be taken to assure that the figures representing totals from those reports are correctly described.

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