It’s all smiles as Coed Softball team Creekstone Inn celebrates its victory over Pacific Slope in the Monday, Aug. 29 championship game at Idyllwild School. Back row, left to right, Brennen Priefer, Chris Cochrane, Jeff Sherman, Jeremy Teeguarden, Jason Sonnier and Josh White. Middle row, from left, Jessica Priefer, Emily White, Rachel Teeguarden, Dawn Sonnier and Kelly Cochrane. Front row, from left, Layton Teeguarden, Katelyn Sonnier, Payton Priefer, Nicole Cochrane, Ethan Teeguarden, Seth White and Joel White. Photos by Cid Castillo

Jeremy Teeguarden reported on Town Hall Adult Coed Softball standings for the weeks of Aug. 22 and Aug 29.

Both series winners — Creekstone and Pacific Slope — won their series in two straight games.

Game two between Forest Lumber and Creekstone Inn was on Monday, Aug. 22. Creekstone Inn had easily won the first game 13-6, but had to work harder for their win in this game.

Creekstone Inn shortstop Brennen Priefer makes a lunging catch as teammate Jeremy Teeguarden backs him up.
Jeff Adams and Brian McWilliams got Forest Lumber going with a couple big hits. Then, Kayla Anderson had a couple nice hits to help Forest Lumber. But ultimately, Emily White’s four runs and Jeff Sherman’s pitching led Creekstone Inn to win 15-9 and gave the team a ticket to the championship series.

On Tuesday, Pacific Slope, who easily won the first game 19-6, faced Ajax. They were the defending champs and had won the championship in each of the last four years.

Creekstone Inn’s Jason Sonnier comes down with a high flying ball as teammate Jeremy Teeguarden backs him up during Monday evening’s championship game.
Pacific Slope took an early lead behind Danielle Whitney’s big hits and runs scored. But the defending champs didn’t give up. Ajax’s Cody Brower hit a grand slam to get within one run in the last inning. Pacific Slope clamped down on defense in the last inning and came away with a 14-13 win to knock off the four-time defending champions.

Championship Series
Unfortunately, Pacific Slope forfeited Friday’s first championship game. Creekstone Inn only had to win one of two games.

Creekstone Inn runner Dawn Sonnier darts around Pacific Slope pitcher Ryan Righetti to score one of the team’s eight runs.
Monday evening, Aug. 29, saw a new Town Hall Champion crowned — Creekstone beat Pacific Slope 8-4 to become the 2011 adult champions. They also dominated the regular season.

Game two of the championship series saw Chris Cochrane lead off the game with the first run. Dawn Sonnier had a couple big doubles for Creekstone Inn as they built an early lead. But Pacific Slope wanted victory, too. Justin Lehr hit a big two-run home run to tie the game in the fourth inning. Creekstone’s defense stood out in this win. Jessica and Brennen Priefer connected on an outstanding double play and Jason Sonnier had an unbelievable catch in right field. Creekstone Inn went on to win 8-4 and capture their first championship.
Thank you to all of people that helped make this a great competitive season. Thanks to all the scorekeepers, umpires and sponsors.