Laker Fernando Lopez (No. 10) and Clipper Chayton Kenyon (12) fight for the tip-off at the beginning of the game played Friday, Feb. 12. Other Lakers include, from left, Seth Clowers (No. 10), Rylan Hardy behind Clowers, Stephan Carman (No. 2) and Carolyn Edelstein (No.3). Clippers, from left, are Ben Tiso (No. 1), Vinny Parillo (No.5), Lainie Wilke and Joseph Tiso. The Clippers won 34-29. Photos by Cid Castillo

Town Hall Sports Coordinator Jeremy Teeguarden reported on youth basketball for both the College League (kindergarten through third-grade) and the Pro League (third- through sixth-grade) for the week of Feb. 6.

College League (Kindergarten through third-grade)
he College League teams each played Friday night, Feb. 10.

The first game matched the Rotary Wildcats and the Gastrognome Gators. The Gators played great and kept the heat on all game. Preston Pino led the way for the Gators scoring 10 points, who won 22-6.

The second game pitted the Idyllwild Vacation Rentals Wolverines against the Village Hardware Blue Devils. Fatima Guzman played great for the Wolverines and Michael Stroud played super for the Blue Devils. The Blue Devils got off to a great start and went on to win 26-16.

Team Wins Losses
Gastrognome Gators 7 1
Rotary Wildcats 6 2
Village Hardware Blue Devils 3 5
Idyllwild Vacation Wolverines 0 8

Grizzlie Aly Fogle takes her shot over Heat defenders Kevin Posey (No. 5) leaping at left and Fernando Lopez (No. 10) at right. The Grizzlies won the game 28-20.

Pro League (Third- through sixth-grade)
Tuesday, Feb. 7, was a night for the underdogs in Idyllwild’s Pro League.

In the first game the Idyllwild Automotive Grizzlies took on the Fairway Market Lakers. The game was close throughout the entire game. Jeremiah Whitney and Ari Reyes played super for their teams all game. In the fourth quarter the Grizzlies played solid defense and got some key baskets as they went on to win their third game in a row 25-21.

In Tuesday’s second game the Pino Tree Service Heat met the Roby Gray Construction Cavs. In the first half both teams struggled to store. Austin Gooch played great defense for the Heat. In the second half the Cavs continued to play solid defense and started to score some baskets. Garrett Goffman got some big rebounds and baskets to lead the Cavs, who won 16-10.

On Friday, the first game was between the Idyllwild Automotive Grizzlies and the Pino Tree Service Heat. The Grizzlies were looking for their fourth straight victory. Miren Pino and Aly Fogle played awsome for their teams. While the game was close at halftime, the Grizzlies made some key second half baskets and won 28-20.

The last game of the week was between the Town Crier Clippers and the Fairway Market Lakers. In an exciting high scoring game in which both teams made basket after basket. The Game was close at halftime. Chayton Kenyon had 16 points and Stephan Carmen 13 points played great for their teams. The Clippers built a slight lead in the third quarter and kept the lead the rest of the way as they went on to win 34-29.

Team Wins Losses
Fairway Market Lakers 7 3
Pino Tree Service Heat 6 4
Idyllwild Auto Grizzlies 5 5
Town Crier Clippers 4 5
Gray Construction Cavs 2 7

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