Patricia Joann Norell was the beloved daughter of James Peck and Opal Owens. She was born on Feb. 4, 1930, and died on April 11, 2012. A native Californian, Pat spent most of her life in San Diego County, a brief but wonderful time in Idyllwild in Riverside County, and her last years in Santa Clara County. She leaves behind many wonderful friends, a brother, Owen Peck; a son, James Randall; a daughter, Rita Randall; and a grandson named Jake (James’ son) whom she adored. She will be remembered for being a generous, caring individual. Her journey was at times very beautiful and just as often very hard. But she worked hard and gave much to many. May she be at peace. Patricia Joann Norrell’s memorial service will be held at noon Sunday, May 20, at the Idyllwild Community Presbyterian Church, 54400 N. Circle Dr.