New Fern Valley Water District sign. Photo by Marshall Smith

Not all Hill water districts grant one catastrophic water loss settlement. Having previously granted one to David and Suzanne Horowitz, the Fern Valley Water District board of directors reaffirmed their previous decision to stick to policy and precedent and not grant another.

The Horowitzes had offered, in an Oct. 29 letter, to pay $9 per unit (cost of production) for a total payment of $8,925, rather than the full bill of $13,695. At its Nov. 16 meeting, the board unanimously reaffirmed their October decision to deny any adjustment. However, the board agreed to let the Horowitzes pay the charge in regular monthly installments over a two-year period.

In other business, the board applauded General Manager Steve Erler’s results in getting a new sign for the district office, this one made of granite and recently mounted at the district office location. Erler reported that San Diego company Martian Laser completed the onsite cutting, shipping, sandblasting and painting of the district logo, name and address on the granite slab. Staff poured a concrete foundation to hold the large boulder in place.

Erler also reported that some water odor complaints are still being received from a few district customers below Tank 11 that had been previously recoated and sealed. Director Robert Krieger suggested putting more vents in the top of the tank. Erler noted that water levels would be brought down in the winter and water turned over more frequently.

Erler reported that groundwater levels for all district measuring wells show decreases, the largest being in Well no. 13 that decreased 2 feet over the last month. Well levels are 1 to 7 feet lower than the same time last year.