Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope all our residents are enjoying a good day and time with family. For those who are traveling to family or friends in other cities or states, enjoy them and invite them to visit the Hill.

I won’t write about all of the local festivals, such as the Idyllwild Cinema Festival in early January, the growing Lemon Lily Festival, the nascent Bluegrass and the renowned Jazz Festival, but visitors would be wise to time their trips around these special occasions.

I hope all of the people visiting our hamlet for the holiday receive more than they could imagine. This weekend highlights two traditional local events — the Harvest Festival at Town Hall is Friday and Saturday. Wrapping up Saturday is the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. This year, besides the town’s illustrious Mayor Max, America’s Idol Casey Abrams returns to help light the tree.

As we reflect on our lives, the times and our community this week, let’s give thanks to our neighbors who have responded to the growth of criminal behavior this year.

We are used to volunteers stepping forward to produce our favorite celebrations and to combat our worse fears — earthquakes and fires. During the past 12 months, we have experienced a unprecedent growth in local burglaries.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has already conducted one sweep and is hiring more deputies, who must be trained before deployed.

So the immediate reaction has been the creation of several Neighborhood Watch groups. Barney Brause has stepped forward to help them organize and understand their role as citizens, not as vigilantes.

So extend a thanks to these people too. And ask why these crimes are occurring now and here. Is there more we can do to help these souls?

And, Grace and I thank all of those magnificant people who read this publication.

“We give thanks to all — readers and Hill folk.”