Alfredo Tartaglia, 26, of Idyllwild pleaded guilty to one felony count of assault of a person by force and was sentenced to three years in state prison, according to John Hall, Senior Public Information Specialist, Riverside County District Attorney's Office. The plea and sentence took place on Thursday, Jan. 10.

Police arrested Tartaglia on Friday, Dec. 22 after he attacked two older men at the Chevron gas station in Idyllwild. Witnesses say the attacked was unprovoked and that Tartaglia appeared to be under the influence and was acting erratically. Both victims had to be transported to hospital as a result of their injuries. Neither knew Tartaglia nor why they had been attacked.


  1. What was the point of mentioning the name of his mother and the business she owns?

    Is that a back handed way of implying she raised her child poorly or that she is some how responsible for his acts of violence.

    Bad form Towncrier.