Last month, Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2609 that local Assemblyman Brian Nestande authored, allowing home brewing associations, such as the American Homebrewers Association and the California Homebrewers Association, to hold a maximum of two conventions per year.

Legislation in 2013 inadvertently prohibited the annual home-brewers festival from accepting donations of beer for resale at its events. The American Homebrewers Association was considering canceling its 2015 San Diego event because of this restriction.

Nestande’s bill eliminates the problem. AB 2609 was passed on Aug. 15 and Brown signed it into law on Aug. 21.

“I am very glad the legislature and the governor recognized the importance of these festivals. It is not only an opportunity for avid home brewers to share and learn more about their craft, but it is important to the economy as well. Both the California and National Homebrew festivals generate a great deal of revenue for the communities that host them. I’m pleased we were able to identify a solution to allow these festivals to continue on,” said Nestande in a press release.