I must address the Larry Edwards story Jack Clark wrote in the Town Crier. I disagree with what Larry Edwards said.

The quilters had nary an inkling that Larry was so unhappy and felt we were a bunch of homophobic ladies (which is untrue).

From day one, Larry was embraced with open arms among the quilters. He was invited to go to quilt shows, quilt shop trips and lunches, and we even drove him to Ontario for elective LASIK surgery.

We all loved watching him perform in the “women impersonators’ revue” in Palm Springs. That is not homophobic.

Larry was very open about his marriage to Kevin and we enjoyed our friendship with both. We trusted and respected Larry enough to be our treasurer for more than a year.

When we found the guild had a huge financial problem, we were totally taken aback that a friend whom we trusted could have so little regard for his fellow quilters and their feelings. Some of us even refused to believe we had been cheated and betrayed.

We all felt very hurt that this had even happened with someone we had considered a friend.

Judith Lawler
Mountain Quilters of Idyllwild