December 25: What does this day mean to you? Spending time with family? Sharing a wonderful dinner? Exchanging gifts with them? Planning months ahead whose house to celebrate at? Do you love all the smells? It is amazing what this day brings to each of us and the memories we have.

Getting ready for this wonderful day, Dec. 25, we spend a fortune; go Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving, find the perfect tree and cool decorations, and string lights all over our house.

We participate in gift exchanges with co-workers, give to the needy and donate money. We send out cards to family and friends, stand in long lines at the post office to mail our cards and gifts, making sure we mail them in time to arrive before Dec. 25. We bake cookies, and breads, and make popcorn balls for our neighbors and friends. We watch all the specials on television.

I don’t know too many people who don’t go through this ritual every year. For this is Christmas we celebrate every year on Dec. 25. And yet, more and more, people are afraid to say “Merry Christmas” because we may “offend” someone.

Even the stores, who only say “Happy Holidays,” will advertise Christmas ornaments, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, Christmas lights, Christmas gifts, Christmas shopping, etc. Television is great for playing Christmas music and offering the Christmas specials.

When I asked at the beginning of this letter what Dec. 25 means to you, what was the first thing on your mind? Was it, “Oh, it is a holiday”? or was it, “Christmas Day”?

Christmas is Christmas no matter what you want to think or say. Christmas was started because of Christ’s birth and the wise men bringing gifts to our Lord. I, for one, am going to stand up for “Christmas” instead of “Holiday” from now on.

I realized that I am the one being offended. I don’t wish to offend anyone else, but if you cannot say “Christmas” or know why you are celebrating Dec. 25, then quit being a hypocrite and stop celebrating this day. If you don’t believe in “Christmas” then quit participating and you won’t be offended.

Let’s stand up for what is truth. I challenge everyone out there who participates in “Christmas” to start calling it what it is and not let a few ruin it. It is what it is

Sue Draper
Whittier/Pine Cove


  1. I’m not Irish and I celebrate St Patrick’s day.

    Not Mexican and I celebrate Cinco de Mayo (Mexican army victory over French Army)

    Not a pagan or into magic, but I celebrate Halloween.

    I wish my friends happy Hanukkah and happy Ramadan for their respective events.

    I was walking my dog on the side walk, a guy was gardening his front lawn and said to me Happy Holidays – I replied back with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. – – – See this guy is a stranger, he doesn’t know me, wishing to give me a greeting without being judgmental or intrusive is OK.

    Separation of Church and State.
    The general rule of non-discrimination is that you either address everyone or no one at all. So a government official can be generic with Seasons Greetings Happy Holidays, or specifically wish all the religion varieties their customized specific best wishes.

    Jesus wasn’t even born on Dec 25. Based on the astronomy it was likely mid Summer, but the Dec 25th is the day selected to celebrated Jesus’ birthday, because there was already an existing pagan festival, so combo.