Resign sign_4437

On Thursday evening, a sign asking for the resignation of Idyllwild Water District directors Jim Billman, John Cook and Michael Freitas appeared on the property across Highway 243 from Butterfield Commons on Strawberry Creek, future home of the Idyllwild Community Center.


  1. I m a water expert. Trained and educated in Chemistry with over 30’s years experience. Yet no one in the water boards districts will even talk to me. I have applied in Pine Cove, when a secretary was elected unanimously. Idyllwild thought My resume was good and filed it, threw it in the garbage. Fern valley never said a word to me. There is too much tight local control of the departments, cronyism.

  2. In the garbage I don’t think so. I wasn’t there but sure they didn’t, they just had too many things going on at the time. If anyone didn’t use you experience they were just Ignorant! If you let your certification expire that’s just paperwork the same knowledge is there it doesn’t go away because the paperwork did. Think about it your 30 years compared to Vic’s zero years and they want to listen to him. That shows me no one cares or no one is paying attention. Like I keep saying and now I hear a few more it’s time to consolidate or it will be like the fire dept. and want to double the the costs of operations from a now stable Financial place.
    Michael Freitas