The Thursday, March 16, Mountain Emergency Services Committee meeting will feature a training on what to do if one is in an environment where there is an active shooter.

Jerry Hagen, MEMSCOMM coordinator, stressed this is a training, not a presentation. Based on the latest protocols, sheltering in place is no longer what is recommended. Homeland Security protocols advise preparation — knowing your options if confronted with an active shooter in a familiar workplace environment, or a public building or arena. Contemplating one’s options, with no prior thought regarding active-shooter contingencies, is too little, too late, according to Homeland Security.

Given the number of active-shooter situations over the last few years, everyone is advised to consider what to do should they be in that environment. Current protocols are “run, hide, fight.” Run out of the space if possible, hide in a concealed space and, if the shooter is still approaching your space, fight as a last resort.

Preparation includes knowing, for work spaces and public spaces, closest and alternate evacuation routes, possible hiding places and what is nearby that might be used by you as a weapon.

The training is at the Idyllwild Library Community Room at 9 a.m. Thursday, March 16. It is open to the public and there is no cost to attend.