Have you ever known someone who is like no one you have ever met before? A person who values every word you have to say. Their smile brightens up the room when they walk in, who always pays attention to you no matter your status in life, you feel the warmth of her heart and her sincerity in everything she says.

She loves every aspect of life, never standing in judgment of anyone and is willing to give whatever she can to help lift your spirits, help pay a bill, watch your children; children are so innocent and they bring her child-like qualities to life in her.

She will soothe your pain in whatever way she can. She will pray for you and invite you into her life. Her physical beauty is matched by her inner beauty times 10. She never asks for anything, only if there is something she can do to be helpful to you.

Her voice is soft and gentle, and when she looks at you, you can see the pure and warm heart and her gentle soul. She’s funny and so full of life; if a song comes on, whether a commercial or just a tune, she begins to automatically move with the beat; she just loves to dance in the bedroom, the supermarket or her ballet room.

She just loves to watch old movies, new movies, and all that paranormal stuff. She becomes entrenched in what she’s watching as if she’s there. I would just enjoy watching her watch her programs.

She loves to shop for clothes and shoes and purses, and not at those high-priced stores, though she visited a few. But her preference was thrift stores where there were such bargains! That was the best.

She’s nocturnal and likes to sleep in but, will rise early when something comes up. Being with her and around her is such a beautiful way of celebrating what life is all about.

She adores her children and grandchildren like no other. She’s nurturing — feeling your pain and discomfort — and does whatever she can to make you feel better and take the pain away. She’s especially good at that as she feels what you feel and knows exactly how to soothe you in such a mesmerizing way. If you know someone who is like this, then you know my wife Stephanie.

And, indeed, if you know her, treasure the gift of her loving friendship and you will be able to survive anything; even the loss of her physical presence.

You see, she’s the love of my life (Steve Hamlet) and God called her away Saturday morning, Feb. 24, 2018, leaving me with a broken heart. My best friend and soulmate has moved on to another assignment, and I take comfort knowing she’s watching over us and we will be in each other’s arms again some day.

She loved, with every bone in her body, her sons Kevin and Jeffrey Baskovich; daughter-in-law Julie Baskovich; son Daniel Priest; granddaughter Marissa Priest; grandsons Brian Baskovich and Matthew Hamlet; as well as our extended families.

And although she’s not here, the love between us will continue to grow stronger every day. I love you honey, more!

She will be forever missed and holds permanent residence in all of our hearts. More!