I appreciate Mr. JP Crumrine’s latest Town Crier update on the Julia Romero case.

I did not know Julia prior to her collision but think it is important that the Idyllwild community be kept updated on the legal procedures regarding this case.

From  Mr. Crumrine’s recent article, it appears that the person who can afford the most expensive attorney can have the facts altered to suit their situation.

In the initial police report, Allen was “driving under the influence” and “hit and run.” Now, the initial police report filed by the officer who was at the scene of the crash that night is being challenged. The defendant’s attorney is also asking that the charges of “driving under the influence” be dropped  as there is “no competent admissible evidence to show that the defendant had a blood alcohol level of 0.08.”

Was there not a breath test? It is my understanding that blood tests are not done at the scene so, of course, there was not a blood alcohol level of 0.08 report. However, I am sure the officer could determine if the driver had been drinking or the officer would not have filed the “under the influence” charges reported in the Town Crier.

To me, Julia is a very “worthy” young lady who was working hard to keep her grades up as well as athletically prepare herself for an athletic scholarship to college,  as an athletic scholarship” was the only possible means for her to financially attend college. In spite of the crash causing Julia to miss several months of school, Julia graduated high school with Advance Placement Honors.

Since there have been several delays in hearing the case, one wonders the reason for these delays. I know Julia’s family cannot afford a “fancy lawyer” to argue all the technicalities of the case.  However, I would like to think that the initial police report stands for something and not what some high-paid “expert witness” suggests is their interpretation of what happened. Was that high-paid “expert” at the scene of the crash that night?

I would like to think that Pam Allen (who owns three businesses here in Idyllwild) is an honorable person, who actually knows the true facts of the case, and would, therefore, come forth and at a minimum, offer to financially assist Julia through her college years.

Janet Reynolds