Banning bests Idyllwild in volleyball

Idyllwild Middle School’s Christian Ramirez returns the serve to Nicolet Middle School during the game at Idyllwild School gym Monday, March 23.

SPORTS: Basketball

Basketball Town Hall Sports Coordinator Richard Mozeleski gave these reports on Kids Basketball: Town Hall hoopsters are now off and running, and I’m emphasing the...

Race results of Idyllwild 5K and 10K

One of the longest running sports events in Idyllwild’s history took place in the center of town Saturday ...

PHOTOS: Idyllwild School volleyball

Pinkalicious’ Aly Fogle bumps the ball at the volleyball game against the Skyhawks on Tuesday night at Idyllwild School.

PHOTOS: Idyllwild School volleyball season starts

Idyllwild School girls face off against St. Hyacinth from San Jacinto ...

Lunch with the Hemet-San Jacinto Action Group and Supervisor Washington

Ann SmithReporter What started as a normal Southern California spring day, Friday May 14, became an opportunity to educate...

Idyllwild School sports program gets donation

The Californa Trucking Association donated $1,000 to Idyllwild School’s sports program last week. Here (from left) Principal Matt Kraemer, Volleyball captain Ben Cruz and softball captain Lizzie Anderson accept the check from Mark Studevan and Devon Ades, of the CTA, who sponsored a motorcycle ride through the San Jacinto Mountains and Idyllwild School was one of the stops.

Sports: Town Hall Kids Basketball, Adult Coed Volleyball

Idyllwild Garage won their fourth consecutive league championship.