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Category: Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Kudos to the TC …

Editor: Kudos to the Idyllwild Town Crier for publishing such a comprehensive, quality print and online publication. I’m visiting the area for the first time, staying in our fifth wheel at Thousand Trails RV Resort and the first thing I did when coming in to town was buy a copy of your newspaper. I recently […]

Readers write: Seek alternatives to Round-up© …

Editor: I read “Snakes arrive early at local animal sanctuary” with concern when the groundskeeper stated he has sprayed Round-up© and will need to make a large batch to control the weeds this winter. In the past two years, Spain and Denmark have confirmed the hazardous chemical in Round-up© has contaminated their ground water. There […]

Readers Write: Taxation with no representation?

Pine Cove Property Owners Association members were treated to the presence of Pete and Suzon Caparelli, Diane Cardinalli and a handful of others [Saturday, Feb. 1]. They presented a computer fly-through of the multi-story Idyllwild Community Center facility and ampitheater. This was phase 1. It had a great room entrance, an art gallery, teen center, […]

Readers write: Plot twist for INK

Editor: INK Book Gathering. It’s a long and rather cumbersome name, but there is a reason behind it, because it was never designed to be just a bookstore. It was created to be a gathering place; a place for book lovers to gather, to come together and share their love of books; and to tell […]

Readers write: Sweet and sour Idyllwild …

Editor: New Year’s Day was a great opportunity to invite our wider family up the Hill to visit our cabin and enjoy the scenery, knick-knack stores and beautiful weather. None of these things were a disappointment. The atmosphere in the town was generally happy and a great day full of good memories was anticipated. Indeed, […]

Reader’s Write: Taking my Realtor business elsewhere

I have recently read the unsigned letter from the members of the Idyllwild Association of Realtors. I have to say I strongly disagree. The news printed in your newspaper is, first and foremost, for the residents of Idyllwild. News that is important to this community, whether good or bad, belongs on the front page, not […]

Reader’s Write: Puff pieces on the front page

The realty board letter peaked my interest. I like to read good news as well as anyone, but Idyllwild is not Disneyland. This is a real community with a real newspaper with real news. I know sometimes the folk from down below think it is Disneyland, walking down the center of the streets and stopping […]

Reader’s Write: Realtors’ letter offends off-Hiller

I support the Town Crier’s efforts and placement within the paper to keep all of us informed about the facts and realities in Idyllwild — the good stories as well as the bad. Keep up the good work, and keep things as they are. It is not just for the tourists to know what is […]

Reader’s Write: Rose Parade draws tourists to Hill

One of the reasons we come to Idyllwild over New Year’s is perhaps the strangest you may have ever heard. Besides for the fresh air, quiet, fun stores, restaurants and shops, it is to watch the Rose Parade. All San Diego-area cable companies eliminated KTLA Channel 5 from their cable line-up years ago. (Too much […]

Reader’s Write: Grand jury report is a stretch

Well, you have to give them credit for one thing — they don’t give up. But although their previous “investigations” have been a stretch, this one takes the cake. This time they’re going to decide in all of their wisdom whether one member of an organization the county has nothing to do with has too […]

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