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Category: Opinion

Opinion: A new library isn’t open yet

Hey, folks, lighten up! As I walk from our post office to Fairway Foods and other Strawberry Creek Shopping Plaza businesses, I often — make that usually — hear derogatory comments about the new library building. The color, the doors, the parking, the cost of construction — everybody seems to have an opinion, and I […]

Fire & Forest: Planning for future wildfires …

Our local fire season thus far has not been remarkable, but it has been for others. We did get smoke from the Sage fires recently, but we were never seriously threatened. Other communities in the West have not been so fortunate. The Rocky Mountain states had very large and destructive fires in June, and the […]

Opinion: No on Prop 30

Greetings from a cynical centrist! Here we are two months away from an election of such enormous ramifications the results of which will be felt for decades. Yet, we’ve had dozens of letters over a doggie fundraiser contest result. Amazing! But then editor J.P. saved us from ourselves. The election you ask? I did feel […]

Opinion: Computer scams

It has come to my attention that several people on the Hill have been the victim of computer scams via phone calls. Their computers were hacked and sensitive information stolen. The scam is enticing and persuasive. You receive a phone call from someone with a strong Indian accent and you definitively are told that “something […]

Opinion: Paradise? Here?

You call this paradise? Everyone needs to wake up and smell the dead brush. I haven’t paid much attention to what’s been going on around here lately, so tonight I read the Town Crier. And what did I see about what’s been going on? ARF and the monument. Is that what you call paradise? Everyone […]

Idyllwild Botany: The journey to Jean …

Idyllwild Botany: The journey to Jean …

This botanical season has unintentionally become one of personal firsts for both Tom [Chester] and me. Three out of the last four hikes have been to areas on the mountain that we had never been to before. It began when we learned that there was a route to Deer Springs.   This information kindled a […]

Opinion: Final thoughts on ARF mayoral race

The ARF Idyllwild mayoralty election was in June. These will be the final letters and comments about that race. It is time to turn to the future. I encourage readers to focus on the November election which will be in less than 70 days. If you prefer local topics, then Max’s leadership and re-election campaign […]

Opinion: The true meaning of giving

The true meaning of giving must come from the heart. Yes, Ms. Mueller was indeed extremely generous with her ARF donation — unfortunately leading to much controversy. Extreme amounts of money were spent by her for the election, “Max for Mayor” which certainly could have added to ARF’s coffers — but of course it was […]

Opinion: Can’t we all just get along?

The first three letters of “fund” are “fun.” Obviously, since Madelaine did not win the election, she’s not having a lot of fun. She’s a very angry person. I can understand that. When you have hopes and dreams of winning, and you don’t, it can often be disappointing. However, that does not mean that your […]

Outside Idyllwild: Reliving summer through pictures …

As Labor Day approaches, signaling the end of summer, I find myself looking back at all the fun things that I had the pleasure to see and photograph this year. For yours truly, it was indeed the summer of nature photography. I went from snap shots of lakes, mountains and the occasional flora and fauna […]

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