In an effort to generate revenue for the County Service Area (CSA) 36 recreation district, the county wants to work with local experts and teachers to find offerings that will reward the instructor and help the local recreation program expand program offerings. The idea is to encourage individuals to offer classes or programs for which the students or attendees would eventually pay a fee that covered the instructors’ cost and yielded some revenue for the recreation district.

In a recent ad, the district sought instructors in art (all types), woodcarving, dance (organized classes or community dances), exercise (for instance in zumba, which combines Latin and international music with a fun and effective workout system), cycling (mountain bike), hiking and nature guide, cooking for healthy, organic dishes and meals, creative fiction and non-fiction writing, acting for theatre, and a brew master or sommelier.

In order to determine viability of and interest in any of the offered programs, the district will pay instructors for time and materials for the first eight-week session. Classes during the initial eight-week trial sessions will be free to participants. At the end of the eight-week session, participants will evaluate the course, instructor and subject matter.

If attendees rate the instructor and the subject matter favorably, the class will be offered again, this time on a paying basis, with instructors receiving a portion of the instruction fees and the district receiving the balance. Usually these splits are on a 60/40 basis or a similar percentage split, with the instructor receiving the larger percentage.This format is used by many organizations that employ private instructors.

If readers have other subject matter ideas for classes, they should contact Recreation Manager GeGe Beagle at Town Hall or call (951) 658-2638. Interested instructors should leave or fax a resume or portfolio listing their background and experience in the field in which they’re applying as well as contact information. The Town Hall fax number is (951) 659-4970. The district will conduct interviews with interested instructors once a list is compiled. Any instructors whose classes would include minors must be LiveScanned.