RCSD deputy, David Jerome and Mimi Lamp examine rear slider door break in site. Photo by Marshall Smith

The Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce offices were ransacked on Saturday night, Feb. 16.

Vandals gained entrance through a back sliding door. File drawers were opened and files were scattered throughout the office. One particular file in a file drawer that normally contains the Chamber cash box was the only one with papers jutting out of it, as if pulled. It contained records pertaining to lawsuits against the Chamber, including a current one David Roy filed in August, dismissed and refiled last month.

Papers, check records, and other documents were strewn on the floor when a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department deputy and Chamber directors Mimi Lamp and David Jerome arrived. Files containing records of the Chamber’s checks were also opened. A check register that included carbon copies of checks written from the Chamber Monument Maintenance account was part of the papers that had been scattered or dropped.

The Chamber cash box was found behind the nearby bakery Honey Bunns & Joe.

Jerome said it appeared the only things taken were the Chamber’s check deposit slips and the last replica of the Jonathan LaBenne tree monument that had long been a tourist attraction in the Idyllwild town center. David Roy’s carving of Harmony replaced the LaBenne monument that had deteriorated and had to be removed.


  1. The information reported in the article was what was observed by the two Chamber directors and the Sheriff's Deputy who were first on the scene. Directors identified the files or check registers that were either opened or had been removed from their normal locations. That is what was reported. As yet, no suspect or suspects have been identified by law enforcement.

  2. Well, a check register that contains copies of all checks written (not just those in relation to the monument) and "among" the debris were monument-related papers … so therefore the rubble contained lots of other things besides info related to David Roy, the lawsuit, the monument records, right? Fox News type of reporting here.

  3. Sounds like a witch hunt by the Author. As if stolen evidence would ever make its way to court. There would be no benefit in obtaining these documents in this fashion. It would be just as easy to imply that the break in was faked to get rid of incriminating documents.

  4. Sounds like a desperate attempt by the Chamber to destroy evidence, and blame it on vandals. What burglar would break into the Chamber office to take check deposit slips, and not the computer or something else of value? The bank records contain the same information as the deposit slips, but maybe they hadn't thought that far.