The Art Alliance of Idyllwild is a class act, co-founded by my friend Chris Trout and Grace Songolo. So when it suffers controversy, it brings out my most Southern mama roots.

Here we go: My Mama, who died too soon at age 71 in 1998, would say about what’s going on, “I’m as mad as a wet sittin’ hen.”

She had so many of those idioms from her Mississippi roots I wish I had collected instead of ignoring them.

Let’s hope the founders’ and subsequent AAI leaders’ efforts of expanding this vital organization aren’t taking a downturn.

Issues of transparency and communication are important in a member-based organization.  But communications involving personal attacks and vulgar language at a volunteer by AAI’s public relations person took the problem to a different level.

You don’t call the person who created the “Deer Sightings Project” a b---- on Facebook, take it down and expect people to distance you from the position you hold with AAI.

While the board is now expected to make all decisions as a group, I hope you take this nasty posting into consideration in your talks. Shanna Robb didn’t deserve that and it’s causing division among the organization.

And even before that posting, AAI used its website and Facebook page to specifically target Shanna.

Come on, AAI board, turn this around, get your house in order and get back to doing the wonderful things we’ve come to enjoy about this organization.

I served as AAI treasurer for several years and know volunteerism is a challenge.

You’ve got some great talent on that board, some great events for the new year (see page 13) and a town that wants you to do well.

Becky Clark,