The Town Crier now has obtained the actual number of taxable parcels within each of Idyllwild Fire Protection District’s 21 tax rate areas, so we now can calculate the average percentage for each taxable parcel within the district.

For parcels within IFPD, an average of 15.56 percent of the property tax goes to fire protection, compared with about 6 percent for parcels in Pine Cove, Mountain Center and Zone 3.


Those parcels within IFPD also pay IFPD’s separate “parcel fee tax” of $65 for improved properties and $32.50 for vacant parcels. Parcel fees for both improved and vacant properties within IFPD will increase to $130 should Measure W pass this week.

Idyllwild Fire currently receives about $1.2 million in property taxes from the county. IFPD bills parcel owners about $212,000 additionally in parcel fee taxes.