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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Noise and music

Here’s my first and maybe last letter. I’ve read similar letters on the same topic and it’s clear the complaints have been blown off. Presumably it doesn’t matter to the owners, but this doesn’t lessen the unhappiness and ill will it creates in the community toward this restaurant. So, today is Saturday, May 5, and […]

Opinion: ICRC use policy

Editor’s note: Mr. Rahman wrote a letter pubished in the May 3 Town Crier issue regarding the ICRC’s policies. Acting ICRC Chair Dawn Sonnier responded online and in this letter. Since [Mr. Rahman thinks] that our board’s decision to create a policy to ask for “suggested donations” for the use of the ICC property is […]

Opinion: Permitting process burdensome

This is a follow-up to Eric Townsend’s letter of last week. The entire atmosphere of services and charges from [the Riverside County Transportation and Land Management Agency which includes both] Planning and Building and Safety Departments has changed radically in recent years. When I was a young man, these departments were there to help. Today, […]

Opinion: ICC site use and playground availability

The April 19 issue of the Town Crier reported that the ICRC adopted a policy requesting donations from third parties for use of the ICC site. At the time, they had “turned down Idyllwild Summer Concert Series promoter Ken Dahleen’s request to use the site at no charge for his [really our] upcoming series.” I […]

Opinion: Stolen property, yet released?

What a huge dissapointment in our legal system! Stolen items are found in his house, weapons in his car — stolen weapons. And yet, he’s able to get out of jail like it was a traffic ticket. I would say innocent until proven guilty, but the fact that they even found stolen items from several […]

Opinion: Crime spree?

No, not that crime spree. I’m talking about the other one, the more insidious one. To put it into perspective: We had town meetings and a lot of talk went into “what can we do about the burglaries?” The amount of loss was tens of thousands of dollars. The other crime spree is much more […]

Opinion: SCE rate hike

I’m sure many of you haven’t had a chance (or desire?) to read the fine print of the proposed Southern California Edison rate changes, which are described in inserts with your recent bill. SCE is proposing residential rates to go up 2 percent. What you don’t see in their chart is that their application also […]

Opinion: Community garden democracy

On the Hill, there are already several community gardens. In small portions of Idyllwild, residents having banded together with common purpose to grow “organic” food for the benefit of those who plant and nurture these gardens. A “government” garden, paid for by community tax money, must make itself available to the wishes of the informed […]

Opinion: Re: Further fabrications

I really don’t have that good of an imagination to fabricate all the stuff I wrote about. I got it from the president of County Service Area 38, a CSA 38 board member, and the CSA 38 secretary, the information disseminated at CSA 38 meetings and IFPD meetings, and a member of the CSA-IFPD negotiation […]

Opinion: Explorer Post is good news

It’s great to hear the good news about the Explorer Post at Anza Fire Station 29. What a positive investment in youth. These young firefighters will have a great experience and training of a lifetime. How wonderful for Pine Cove Fire Station 23 to have this program soon. Jennifer Adamson Idyllwild

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