This Thursday, Feb. 19, Idyllwild Library is hosting “Hillbilly History Games.” According to Librarian Shannon Ng, the games will begin at 5 p.m.

It’s possible participants will see the similarity with either "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" or, possibly, a version of "Jeopardy."

As an enticement, Ng has provided a current list of the “Hillbilly” questions:

1. She was named homecoming queen the same year her brother, David, came home from the AAF.
2. A new coffee and doughnut bar was a popular gathering spot at the base of what slope?
3. In 1949, $2.50 a year would buy you what?
4. In May of what year, the “Snow Scouts” found there was still 4 to 6 feet of snow up in Tahquitz Valley? Bonus: Name one of the “Snow Scouts”.
5. Bob Simpson provided what service in the community?
6. Name a member of the Hillbilly Jubilee committee of 1949.
7. Bill Buchanan studied what at the University of Washington?
8. Melba and Harris Buchanan owned what business in 1952?
9. “Kansas Raiders” and “The Kid From Texas” were filmed in the Idyllwild area. Who was the star of these movies?
10. In what year did Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gorzny move to Idyllwild?
11. Working as a crane operator, where did Mr. Gorzny commute to for work?
12. Mr. Covington owned Ice & Fuel. What was his first name?
13. Ida May Wilder, Barbara Covington, Vee Hogue, Emsy Dunn and Eleanor Johnson hosted a bridal shower for bride-to-be Barbara in August of 1954. What is her maiden name and whom did she marry?
14. At the opening day of the Community Campfire in 1949, Don Dilworth played what instrument to accompany the singing of “America?”
15. What year did Charlie Kretsinger leave to work for the Army in Illinois?
16. What animal spent Christmas in Mrs. Clarke’s garbage can?
17. A roller skating party in San Jacinto for junior high students led to what injuries?
18. How many books were circulated at the Idyllwild Library in 1953?
19. What were seaplanes doing in the Idyllwild area in 1952?
20. Jiggs and Maggie escaped from their cage and ran off. What was so unusual about these two being loose in the woods?
21. C. Kretsinger brought a trained animal to a Community Campfire in 1949 scaring a little girl. What animal was this?
22. What was the cost of admission to the Public Square Dance in August 1949?
23. Where would we find the 1952 membership of the “Progressive” Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce?
24. Where can one find square dancing skirts and blouses in Idyllwild in 1949?
25. How stringent were fire inspections in 1949?
26. Back east, the ground hog predicts winter. Out here in the West in 1952, we had our own beast that gave a good sign of the winter to come. A State Fish & Game trapper made a report from the High Sierras about a blanket missing. What animal stole the bedding and “snuggled it safely” into his hole?
27. What business was Ed Pelletier in?
28. The quartet of ancient instruments played at what location?
29. Where did summer folk have canasta luncheon parties?
30. In elementary school in 1950, Sparky Allert won a prize for his Halloween costume. What was his costume?
31. The Fern Valley Garage became the official Auto Club station. What year was this?
32. Who was the proprietor of the Fern Valley Garage?
33. How old was Anita Arnaiz when she married John Alford?
34. What year did Oscar Lawler donate 80 acres in the San Jacinto Mountains for a youth camp?
35. What was the Lawler property’s estimated worth in 1954?
36. In 1954, who organized a Junior Rifle Club, as an affiliate of the Idyllwild Rifle Club?
37. Late July in 1949, one of the firemen accidentally hit the button on the siren and then the “dad-blamed thing” wouldn’t turn off. Chuck Roberts shut off the malfunctioning siren by doing what?
38. During the years 1901-1911, what year/season recorded the highest snowfall?
39. July 10, 1953 Town Crier, pages 11 & 12, mentions quite a bit of activity the same day after the paper was delivered the week before, such as a missing parakeet, a live mountain lion at the Wellman’s, loose brahmas, bird identification and giving advice on how to cook what?
40. What time do chipmunks get up?