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Category: Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Freedom of South California?

I can sense the frustration in conservative Supervisor Jeff Stone’s idea outlining conservative SoCal counties forming their own state of South California. You got to love him. And after the spanking the GOP received in losing all eight statewide races in an anti-Obama-care year last November, it was remarkable.The GOP tide stopped at the California […]

Opinion: More taxes, fewer services

Try the same services for the same fees. What a concept. We must say no to the perpetual devaluation of our dollar. Every time we add new parcel fees or even double them, we feed the monster called inflation. They would have you believe they want to keep pace with inflation. What a can of […]

Opinion: Freedom of expression

Don Dietz’ letter to the editor in last week’s paper really struck home about all the wonderful people that live in the Idyllwild area: people from all walks of life and belief systems and political ideas. His statement about talking together with mutual respect was so refreshing, especially with regard to mutual problems. Then I […]

Opinion: Freedom to rescue

On Thursday, July 7, at l0 a.m., I was driving down the San Jacinto Mountains from the small village town of Idyllwild. It was a beautiful sunny day. The road is mostly curves and I have traveled it for over 26 years with God’s guidance. I was 20 minutes down the Hill going to Hemet […]

Opinion: Freedom to remember a park

To try for the big picture, I’ll jump around. The park was called Eleanor Park, in memory of Eleanor Johnson. The park had lilac bushes and rock-lined paths. It had a three-tier, green-tile fountain. In 1969, when I saw the fountain, the pipes and drains were rusted out and it needed some work. It was […]

Opinion: Freedom for a park jewel

I am writing in support of Norman Cassen’s letter titled “Who needs a community center? Build a Park,” which appeared as “Another point of view” in the Town Crier’s July 7 edition. Thank you, sir, for your informative and enlightened article. I’m sure I am not the only full-time resident who was surprised at the […]

Opinion: Freedom from religion

Does anyone see the irony? In the Town Crier’s cover story “Independence Day: All weekend on the Hill” (in the June 30 edition), the second paragraph is devoted to explaining that the Fourth of July Parade will actually be on July 4 this year. However, if the Fourth were to land on a Sunday, [the […]

Opinion: Career firefighters sacrifice

We want to publicly express our thanks and appreciation to the members of the Idyllwild Career Firefighters Association for their willingness to sacrifice a portion of their pay and benefits in order to help IFPD in our efforts to reach a balanced budget for the 2011–2012 fiscal year. The six career captains and engineers forfeited […]

Opinion: A dissenting vote

The Idyllwild Fire Protection District commissioners voted 4-1 to approve the first deficit budget in 46 years. With another 4-1 vote, they have approved refinancing equipment to pay less now and more over time. Without a vote, they approved a new employee contrary to the California code that governs the board’s conduct (see Health and […]

Opinion: Heat, holidays and pets

The July 4th Parade yesterday was great fun, as always — for most of us who watched — but part of the crowd was miserable. I speak of the dogs who were subjected to the heat, crowd and noise, but had no choice in the matter. As a part-timer with two dogs, I appreciate Idyllwild’s […]

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