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Category: Opinion

Creature Corner: May 16, 2013

Creature Corner: May 16, 2013

Reunited this week were Reno, Noodles, who by the way found a skunk, and Sully. Joie finally came home on her own. Yay. Shannon, our Chihuahua, has been adopted to her forever home. And Clarence, our comedian Siamese mix, will be bringing laughter to his forever home also. We miss you both. The name says […]

Opinion: Music is unattractive

While Nancy Huber and others may find Western music attractive, others do not like it and would rather not be forced to hear it. I was glad to hear that at least three phone complaints came to Jo’An’s about the loudness of the music. If Jo’An’s actually cares about Idyllwild, what they should do is […]

Past Tense: May 16, 2013

Past Tense: May 16, 2013

65 years ago – 1948 Plans were being made for The Wild Idle Days celebration to be held in July. 60 years ago – 1953 Dick and Virginia Homan took over operation of the Hillbilly Variety Store while owner Edith Oliver recuperated from surgery. 55 years ago – 1958 Idyllwild’s first massage parlor was opened. […]

Today’s Health Issues: Risky business …

A year ago, I saw a cartoon with two people sitting across from each other at a table. One said, “I remember when we used to sit and talk about our problems over cigarettes and coffee. Now cigarettes and coffee ARE our problems.” The TV, internet and papers bombard us day and night with the […]

Opinion: Calm down, all is not bleak

As I began reading Jeff Smith’s latest letter [see the May 9 issue of the Town Crier], I thought “Oh, boy, he’s at it again.” I covered the name of the sender as I frequently do with letters to the editor, trying to guess who the author is. But as I read on, I thought […]

Outside Idyllwild: The Earth Fair cometh …

The 24th annual Idyllwild Earth Fair is 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, May 18. I would use the term “comes to town” but that is more in tune with a traveling circus than a homegrown event like the Idyllwild Earth Fair. No event could be more grassroots than our very own celebration of our […]

Opinion: Opposes online public notices

I am enclosing a copy of my letter to the Assembly Judiciary Committee generally in opposition to AB 642 now before that committee. AB 642 would allow an exclusively web-based publication, with a staff of one spending time in Idyllwild, to qualify as a newspaper of general circulation in competition with you. I have always […]

Lola’s Kitchen: Don’t rub me the wrong way …

Most of us have grilled using our own or a cookbook’s rub recipe. I have tried various rubs for chicken, pork and seafood. For the most part, I primarily use marinades, only occasionally using rubs, although rubs are flavorful and zesty. My favorite food season is right around the corner, I can close my eyes […]

Outside Idyllwild: Flora and Sully …

Outside Idyllwild: Flora and Sully …

It is Monday morning as I write this column and the sounds of rain are all around me. The unmistakable sounds of cars driving on the wet pavement were a happy wake-up call. I feel like a farmer whose crops of wildflowers are now safe from drought. Southern California is now safe from wildfires, at […]

Fire and Forest: Going green with abatement …

Fire and Forest: Going green with abatement …

Fire abating one’s property, or reducing the flammable vegetation around your house, is a very green activity. Of course, it is very good if you would like to lessen the risk of your house going up in flames and sending large amounts of toxins into the air and soil, but it is, happily, one of […]

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