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Tax Tips: Beating the taxman in retirement

While you are working, the taxman has you at his mercy. You can take advantage of tax-deferred accounts and pension plans but after that you have little defense. When you are self-employed, you have more options available. When you retire, the situation changes dramatically and you can have a great deal of control over your […]

Past Tense: Jan. 23, 2014

Past Tense: Jan. 23, 2014

65 years ago – 1949 Idyllwild experienced 4 feet of snow over a 10-day period in which temperatures never rose above freezing. 60 years ago – 1954 Willard Payne recalled the early days. He and his wife came for camping trips in 1909 when Fern Valley was waist-deep in ferns with only an occasional tree. […]

Creature Corner: Jan. 23, 2014

Creature Corner: Jan. 23, 2014

Hooray and paws up to Dozer, our Lab-mix, who has a new home minutes from the beach, and a new name — Luigi. Chelsea is looking for her forever home to do her favorite thing — sit on her bed and just look pretty. This senior gal has a gorgeous coat with a tail to […]

Off the leash: Education is important …

It’s time to wrap up my mini-series on education. The past couple of months I wrote that having a curious mind is essential to learning and that education is not exclusively limited to educational institutions. This month, I ask “Why is education important?” When my kids were young and in school, they would have a […]

Past Tense: Jan. 16, 2014

Past Tense: Jan. 16, 2014

65 years ago – 1949 The Chamber discussed a plan to identify the Hill community with the back country, approving the theme, “Gateway to the Mt. San Jacinto State Park Wilderness.” 60 years ago – 1954 When Norma DeMent opened the Idyllwild Department Store Thursday morning, billows of gaseous smoke poured forth so Norma ran […]

Idyllwild Botany: Oracle oaks …

This is the Reader’s Digest condensed version of my thoughts about Oracle Oaks (Quercus X morehus). I have been conducting surveys over the last three winters. Since I do not have a working knowledge of genetics, these thoughts are based solely on observations with some questions and conjectures thrown in. Some of these ideas have […]

Science and Reality Today: Who needs superheroes when you have nature? …

Last week my roommate and I were having another one of our deep philosophical discussions about what superpowers would be the coolest to have. My roommate, being an X-Men fanatic, went with Wolverine’s power to regenerate and heal. Personally, having grown up reading Marvel Comics as well, I was always envious of Magneto’s ability to […]

Tax Tips: People get ready, tax season’s a comin’

About this time of year, we begin to collect all the information we will need to properly file our income tax returns. Since it’s been a year, I have listed below some of the items you will want to look for. Your employer is required to send you your W2 forms by Jan. 31. You […]

Off the Main Roads: Hiking gear, time to retire? …

It’s supported you loyally throughout the years, but bringing worn-out gear into the back country can do you far more harm than good. Here’s a quick guide for when to replace key gear. Boots: Your boots should be allowed to go hike the great trail in the sky when: Your soles wear thin and smooth. […]

Creature Corner: Jan. 16, 2014

Creature Corner: Jan. 16, 2014

Found on the Ernie Maxwell Trail: an adult neutered male German shepherd with no chip, collar or tag. Well groomed. Yep, I’m Scrappy Doo. And it’s a good thing because a human abandoned me in the ARF yard one chilly day. So I had to learn really fast how to be a scrapper. I am […]

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